Assistant Manager / Office Assistant 

Working hours 40hrs per week 

Salary £24,000 - £26,000 

We are looking for a highly motivated admin assistant to help Jamie in the office to ensure all the administration of the Town Hall is taken care of. This is an exciting opportunity, and there is always an interesting event or show around the corner to prepare for. 

In 2023 we are expanding our range of dinner shows which is a unique customer experience, whereby the guests enjoy a 3 course meal, followed by a fully staged show. Our venue is already gaining a fantastic reputation for this style of entertainment. This role will essentially look after this part of the business. You will be taking bookings from the coach operators and dealing with them on the phone, their individual requests and you will be the client facing representation of our venue. 

The working hours will be 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday, however, there may be some flexibility around this. 


  • Ideally you will be competent on Google Sheets, and able to pull together and share documents based on the task in hand. 

  • Ideally you will have a good understanding of spreadsheets and basic accounting practices, such as issuing invoices.

  • Ideally you will be capable to look after the diary, and issue contracts to the various users of the building, following on with invoices per requirements. 

  • You will be responsible for the booking and hiring of staff for events, such as serving staff and chefs for our dinner shows. 

  • There is lots of opportunity to grow this role into management




  • Ability to work alone, unsupervised (you'll have your own office, but we're a small team (4) and you'll need to be motivated to get the work done. 

  • Honest and trustworthy

  • Understanding of Health and Safety legislation

  • Positive attitude and drive



  • Experience in previous roles, such as those that involve catering, entertainment, hospitality (pubs and bars).



Equal Opportunities

Yeadon Town Hall Theatre is committed to being an equal opportunities employer.

All staff members are required to adhere to the Yeadon Town Hall Theatre’s Equal Opportunities Policy.

Terms of Employment

Full time contract, 28 days holiday, minimum sick pay


Please send a CV and covering letter, outlining your suitability for the post and relevant experience, by email to

Date for applications: Rolling

Start date: TBC


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