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Yeadon Town Hall Organ

Yeadon Town Hall has a long history of music making, especially in its Civic life as a Town Hall. Most Victorian Town Hall's, built in the same period as Yeadon Town Hall, were equipped with a pipe organ.

Jamie Hudson doesn't believe that Yeadon Town Hall was ever designed to house an organ, as the choir risers were not deep enough to accomodate a pipe chamber.

In 2021, the opportunity arose for us to acquire the organ console of the former 1969 Leeds Town Hall organ, on announcement that Leeds City Council were to rebuild the organ with a new console and much new mechanism.

Before the Leeds Town Hall organ was removed, we were able to sample the entire organ. Every note of every stop was sampled for 10 seconds with the whole process taking 24 hours to complete.

We plan to install the refurbished organ console, permanently in Yeadon Town Hall, where it will play the sounds exactly as they were heard in Leeds Town Hall from 1969 - 2021, however, in the unique setting of Yeadon Town Hall.

Once complete, the organ will provide another exciting addition to the matrix of performances opportunities at Yeadon Town Hall, attracting many new audiences, performers and performance opportunities.

The new organ will operate through an organ software, and over 30 specialised speakers will reproduce the sounds of the organ, through a complex matrix of sound processing and audio distribution.

We hope to have the organ comissioned and installed by Christmas 2023, ready for the Christmas Spectacular!


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