Restoration 2020

We're making changes to improve Yeadon Town Hall for our community, but we still need to raise a further £100,000 to continue the refurbishment. Can you help?

From donating time, money or supplies to purchasing our 'Wall of Fame' plaque, there are plenty of ways to get involved. Contact us for more information!

Our restoration work includes: 

Heating, roof and clock faces

We're excited to announce that Leeds City Council are funding over £750,000 of works. This includes major repairs to the roof, exterior walls, stained glass and restoration of the clock faces and clock tower. 

Bar & Upper Foyer 

We've completely redesigned the bar layout to provide more space and better flow for busier shows. An exciting development has included removing the 1950s ceiling in the bar area to reveal the original double height Victorian ceilings and stained glass windows which have been hidden for over 50 years. 

Reception Desk & Box Office 

We've created a new accessible Reception Desk / Box Office which will be open during day and pre-show for general enquiries, ticket sales and ticket collection.  

Refurbished Facilities

Regular users of the Town Hall will be pleased to know that all the Town Hall toilets will be refurbished over the next 24 months. We are also planning to fully refurbish the kitchen facilities. 

Main Auditorium

Whilst the Main Auditorium currently looks in good condition, there are several elements we wish to improve further. These areas include replacing and renewing the ailing curtains, the stage floor, the stage rigging equipment and improving the decoration scheme to complement the historical architecture. 


We plan to decorate all areas of the building over the next 24 months, including replacing all flooring and curtains where required. 

Dressing Rooms & Choir Risers

Visitors to the Town Hall may not have realised that towards the rear of the stage are four large "choir risers". Originally part of the Victorian building design, the choir risers are now redundant and an opportunity has arisen to remove them whilst developing the caretaker house into further dressing rooms. This scheme will be hugely beneficial as we will increase the stage depth by a further 3M. We hope to complete these works by the end of 2021. 

Join our 'Wall of Fame'!

To celebrate the launch of Yeadon Town Hall as a community based social enterprise, we’re inviting you to be part of our exciting journey by having your name displayed on our 'Wall of Fame'.

Click here for all the information and to purchase your plaque!